Euroculture Intensive Programme 2020

Graphic design, web design & online services

The IP Basket of Services is a package that goes beyond simple deliverables. It is a statement of work that involves close collaboration and communication with the IP organiser and host, presence and assistance during the duration of the event, as well as an insiders view into the inner workings of the entire project. An added value which is the result of the history of cooperation and involvement with the Euroculture programme since 2005.

Please find a table with the services/deliverables for the IP project. Below the table you will find a list with tickboxes with all services and an automatic calculator of the total cost.

The items in the basket include:

item cost in € comments
Website set up 550 From beginning to end in close collaboration with IP organiser.
Website updates and maintenance 400 Smooth-running of the website, updates of sections, changes, formatting
Domain & hosting 150
Integration with online tools (Google Apps, Jotform, Mailchimp) 300 Google Drive for storage of files, Google sheets for databases, Jotform for online forms, mailchimp for vignettes.
Graphic design LOGO 450 2 draft options with additional changes if required
Graphic design VISUAL IDENTITY 250 design graphic elements based on the logo and adapt colour palette to the website, photos and print material.
Search, manipulation and design of images & stock photography 150 Make sure to use copyright free imagery, manipulate and adapt when necessary, brand images, find images that relate to topics
5 IP Vignettes 70€ / vignette 350 average number of vignettes has been 5 counting the post-ip vignette
Graphic design IP BROCHURE 350 standard 3-fold brochure with map
Graphic design (miscellaneous: bookmarks, postcards, bags, posters…) 150  
Photography services (IP photo library) 410 more than 60 photographs were delivered for the last IP2018
Graphic design IP PUBLICATION 500 this also includes assistance in collecting the information for the publication from students (using an online form)
Video production (IP CLIP) 1,850 see example
Management of social media 200 one FB page and 1 Instagram account throughout the entire duration of the collaboration