MA in Euroculture

Online Marketing &
Communication Proposal

Although of utmost importance, the value of higher education programmes today lies not only in their academic curriculum but in the life experience that it offers and the future potential opportunities it creates. Candidates to a master degree in the social sciences and humanities look for more than just an academic institution. They seek a place, a setting that allows them to plunge into their study, but also live an exciting, enriching and fruitful experience. They seek to connect, to be part of a community that supports them academically and personally; but also a network that will open doors in their future professional lives. In both of these respects, consortium programmes such as Euroculture have a considerable advantage.

When talking about Euroculture these are the elements that should be at the base of any marketing campaign:

  1. Experiences & stories
  2. Cities
  3. People (students, alumni, academic and coordinating staff)
  4. Universities
  5. Academic topics
  6. Curricula

Any of these elements can be combined to device advertising assets for specific purposes:

  • print material such as brochures, postcards or flyers (cost of printing not included)
  • online imagery, social media campaigns, websites
  • audiovisual material such as photo libraries, videos
  • newsletters, online funnels, direct contacts

Euroculture is full of stories and experiences, assets that if properly capitalised and channelled can become powerful marketing content. 




  • Increase the number of effective enrollments in the MA
  • Increase recruitment of non-European students
  • Foster an even distribution of enrollments in all universities
  • Improve the brand awareness of Euroculture
  • Establish an effective communication plan with all consortium stakeholders
  • Encourage collective marketing campaigns (2-3 universities)
  • Build a stock of images for every university and IPs
  • Create output channels for Euroculture assets (MOOCs, Euroculturer articles)
  • Improve communication and collaboration with Alumni networks


  • 2 fully managed FB pages (Euroculture Master + Intensive Programme) with an allocated social media budget
  • 2 audiovisual productions per year (samples below)
  • a stock of Euroculture photos (for the Consortium and individual universities)
  • 2 short-term marketing campaigns per year (dual or multi-university)
  • 1 long-term marketing campaigns at a consortium level (example: I AM EUROULTURE)
  • 1 consortium-wide newsletter for general promotion
  • 1 Euroculture Alumni newsletter in collaboration with universities, stakeholders and alumni.
  • Full IP basket of services



1. Consortium-wide Marketing Campaigns

In the form of
  • Photo series
  • Thematic videos
  • Social media content
  • Newsletters
  • Printed material
  • Websites (IP and other marketing projects if/when applicable)
Focusing on the features of the MA programme
  • A global and/or European experience
  • Live, discover, explore the (consortium) city/cities and cultures
  • Absorb, discuss, interpret, opine about the subjects imbued in Euroculture
  • Travel & mobility (programme’s mobility scheme)
  • Hands on experience (Eurocompetences, internships, practical elements of the curriculum)
Based on the stories & experiences of
  • Students
  • Alumni
  • Academic staff
  • IP academic guests
  • IP programmes
  • Euroculturites by association

2. Administration of social networks

  • Full admin and optimisation of FB pages & Instagram for the MA and the IP
  • Allocated social media budget
  • Assistance and advice to consortium members on social media

3. Consortium-wide communication plan

  • Involves the head consortium office, individual coordinating offices, peripheral stakeholders (Euroculturer, ARETE, student groups, IP coordinating team).
  • Attendance at a timeslot during MCM meetings: one for planning and one for reporting.

4. Full IP basket of services (3,350 EUR + VAT)

  • Website design, setup and upkeep
  • Graphic design services for IP’s visual identity
    • logo design
    • search of copyright free photos and images
    • manipulation of imagery
    • design of print materials
  • Integration of online tools
    • use of online forms
    • setup, design and admin of newsletters (vignettes)

5. Preferential rates within the Euroculture consortium and other university partners on independent projects.



Dedicated consortium-wide marketing services throughout the year plus full IP basket of services and preferential rates on projects within consortium universities and their partners.

Monthly fee: 2,950 EUR + VAT



All of these samples were created independently by PARACADEMIC.
The cost of the audiovisual material below doesn’t include any reproduction costs (digital use online and in social media, printed material…).

Photo campaign: Euroculture is Sharing
Individual Cost for 7 photos: 560 EUR + VAT (60 EUR / additional photo)
Adjusted Cost: 400 EUR + VAT

The concept and realisation of the campaign is an original idea of PARACADEMIC. The raw photos are already the property of the Euroculture Consortium. The adjusted cost reflects this.

Euroculture IP video clip
Cost of production & final rendition: 1,850 EUR + VAT

The time and resources allocated for its production were covered independently by PARACADEMIC.

I AM EUROCULTURE promo campaign. Focus on alumni. Video clip.
Cost: 2,850 EUR + VAT

The time and resources allocated for its production were covered independently by PARACADEMIC.

Social Media Hashtags
No cost
  • #studyeuroculture MA recruitment promotion
  • #euroculturema MA related content/info
  • #eurocultureip Intensive programmes
  • #iameuroculture Alumni related