We work with people in the field of education to find integrated solutions for the marketing and communication needs of programmes, conferences, workshops, research projects and all things academic. 

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Our Services

VIDEO & Photography

Tell stories with videos and gather an original stock of images for specific needs.

Social Media Admin

Setup and channel optimisation, content strategy, analytics & peripheral online tools.

Online Tools Integration

Google Apps, Mailchimp, Jotform, WordPress, Dropbox, SurveyMonkey, Slack.

Website Setup & Design

Setup of hosting and domains, design and setup of websites, SEO, mobile optimisation.

Graphic Design

Visual identity, branding & logo design.

Advice & Integrated Solutions 

Do’s & don’ts. Hits & fails. Problem-solving.

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Paracademic is positioned in the intersection of the fields of higher education, marketing and online-tech. It offers integrated solutions for online advertising & marketing, communication and branding that adapt to the growing and changing needs of academic programmes, faculties, departments, stakeholders or any education-related project.

Our know-how stems from the hands-on experience in the coordination of academic programmes, the development and implementation of academic projects such as conferences, seminars and meetings and the direct contact with students, academic staff & faculty, university authorities, institutions and similar stakeholders. Our skills and competences are the result of close collaboration with end users, a constant monitoring of new technologies and a passionate belief in the combined power of visual design, social media & online tools.

Our work approach has three key aspects:


We save your time by managing time-consuming tasks such as the design of promotional material, upkeep of social networks and the setup and administration of websites, online forms, surveys, newsletter or any other Internet-based tool. We are aware of the valuable resource that it represents and the importance of allocating it wisely.


We work closely with you to assure functionality, conformity and quality. A tool is only useful to the extent it serves the exact needs of its users and is ready to adapt and change. Therefore, we maintain, update and configure your tools and encourage and prepare you to do so too.


Together with you, we establish a work frame and communication plan to provide training, support, smooth handovers and accompany you through the process from beginning to end. We acknowledge the need for maintenance and sustainability of integrated solutions that combine a number of tools. We are here to help.

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